Class structure

In a small school like Kippen, composite (2 stages) or multi composite (3 or more stages) classes are a way of life. The school has 6 classrooms and 7 stages (P1 – P7) therefore straight classes across the school are not possible.  Space, staff allocation, numbers of pupils at each stage and maximum class sizes all dictate the make-up and formulation of composite classes.

All schools follow the guidelines set out by Stirling Council Children’s Services for composite classes. Guidelines state that classes should be made up according to

  • age
  • a maximum class size of 25
  • gender balance – where possible
  • where possible leaving one space at each stage to avoid re-organisation of classes at a later date should new pupils enrol
  • availability of staff

Opportunities are organised where possible for children in composite classes to mix with their peers eg Library, assemblies, school events, concerts and award ceremonies. Children also have the opportunity to meet and play together at playtime and lunchtime.