Mrs Simpson’s Madagascar Adventure

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On Saturday the 31st of August 2014 Mrs Simpson went to Madagascar to run a race called Racing The Planet. She came 76th out of 189 people. She was the highest placed person representing Scotland. The race ended on Sun 6th September.

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The Website Wizards interviewed Mrs Simpson and these are the Questions that we came up with……

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What was the hardest bit? –No shower or change of clothes.

If you could do it again where would you do it? – South America.

What was the best part of it? – Meeting the locals and the other people in the race.

How hot was it? – It was very hot

What was it like sleeping in Madagascar? – Hot and busy.

How dirty were you at the end? – Very dirty, especially my clothes.

What was the longest stage? – Day 5 which was 48 miles.

How different were the animals? – There were no wasps.

What was the coolest animal you saw? – Zebou (a type of cow) and the snakes.

How far did you run altogether? – 155 miles

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Well Done Mrs Simpson. What an achievement!

Article written by the Website Wizards, Kippen Website Team


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