Water Pistols / Water Bombs at the Kippen Street Fayre

Dear Kippen Primary School Parents,

We write to ask for your support in helping to make this year’s Kippen Street Fayre a great day out for all attending.

In previous years there has been increasing complaints about children obtaining large water pistols and water bombs and using them to soak people who are not willingly taking part in their water games ! – Last year it was noted that there was reluctance in several primary school children in attending the Kippen Street Fayre due to the fear of being attacked by other children with water pistols / water bombs throughout the event – this is very sad as the Street Fayre has been a much looked-forward-to event for children in Kippen for generations. Additionally, several stall holders (the people whose financial contribution makes the Street Fayre possible) last year made complains about the increased use of water pistols / water bombs and damage to their stock.

We would be grateful therefore if you could dissuade your children from taking water pistols to Kippen Street Fayre (or obtain them by any other means !), at this year’s event (at least until after 3pm !) in order that a great day out is had by all !

Many thanks,

Kippen Street Fayre Committee

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