Tree Planting Success

The Kippen Community Woodland Group want to thank all the children and families who came along and helped to plant the 400 native trees received from the Woodland Trust. What a fantastic turnout there was on the day with three generations of some families having a go! It was great to see Mrs Stirling there too helping to plant all those trees, and with so many helpers on board the 400 trees were planted in record time!

Winners of ‘the most trees planted’ prize…..

Amidst all the activity we are aware not all families were keeping count of the number they planted, and so we can only base our ‘top planters’ on those who signed the list…. and it happens to be a draw between 2 families. The prize of a handmade bird feeder goes to The Schmauz familiy and to the Watt family! Congratulations to you both and we will get your prizes to you soon!

Again thanks to the whole school for getting behind the project and to the P3/4 class for their wonderful posters which were displayed in Rhubarb Lime, drawing great attention and bringing more people along on the day! We hope you all enjoy keeping an eye on your growing trees over the years to come!

Oh, and take a look at the Stirling Observer this Friday as they are covering the story…

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