Visit From the SSPCA

Who Visited?

A lady called Lee Williams from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals came to Kippen Primary  School and visited all the classes in the school on 10th January 2012.


Lee came in to make the school aware about hurt animals and to tell us that if you see a hurt animal to call the SSPCA on 0300 999 999. Don’t call the RSPCA because that’s forEnglandandWales.

Crimes and Stories

Lee told us some stories at the end. A man had a baby crocodile in bath and over the years it grew and grew and grew. When ever the man wanted to brush his teeth he had to be really carful that the crocodile didn’t hurt him. One day he phoned the SSPCA and he got put in jail for 3 years.

What We Learned?

We learned that if someone is caught being cruel to animals the SSPCA can act like police and there are 3 things that can happen to people being cruel to animals. They can get a fine of £20,000, jailed for 1 year or completely banned from keeping animals.

Lee said that if they do see someone being cruel to animals they like to always try and ban them from animals. It was really interesting.

by Amy Kenn P5/6


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