Sports Day 2014



School held their annual Sports Day at the Kippen Sports Ground on Friday 20th June. It was a glorious afternoon of weather, with plenty of spectators coming along to support the pupils as they completed 9 different activities in their houses and ran 2 races in their year group.




Thank you to the parents and relatives who volunteered to help with the scoring and with the races. We really appreciate your help. Thanks to all the supporters who came along and also a special mention to the nursery pupils who waited very patiently for their race. Thanks to Kippen Sports Development for providing such a great facility. Thanks to the staff who helped organise the afternoon and keep the events running smoothly. Lastly a big thank you to the pupils who joined in to make it a very enjoyable day. A lot of up and coming talent in both track and field events.



The overall winners for Sports Day 2014 were pupils in Ledi house. Well done Ledi. Lomond and Nevis should be congratulated for sportsmanship and giving Ledi a lot of competition!


Thanks to the parent council for providing juice and crisps. They were much appreciated.



If you have any suggestions to enhance Sports Day in the future please let us know. Ideas we are looking at are having a longer event time wise so that everyone can watch all the races, having a prize giving for the races to present 1st,2nd and 3rd place and opportunities to include the nursery children as a group within the activity wheel. Let us know your thoughts.

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