Roald Dahl Day


Primary 2/3 enjoyed learning about much loved author Roald Dahl this week, in the lead up to Roald Dahl Day on Friday 13th September. Our chosen novel was Fantastic Mr Fox. After listening to the story our literacy focus was exploring adjectives to describe the main characters of the story. We split into four groups, and focussed on the characters Mr Fox, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. We made 4 posters and made a display for the school hall.

Later in the week we also heard an excerpt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We heard about Mr Wonka’s amazing chewing gum. It tasted like a 3 course meal – tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie! We made up our own menus for how we’d like a piece of Wonka gum to taste. We continued our work on adjectives and came up with some amazing WOW words for how our chewing gum would taste.

Everyone had a great day on Friday celebrating the amazing Roald Dahl!



P1 read about The Enormous Crocodile and made a lovely crocodile display for the hall. We also made our own enormous crocodile out of food. We used a lot of interesting ingredients and we got to try them too. We used spinach, cress, eggs, gerkins, artichokes, eggs, sausages, ham, olives and a french baguette. Our crocodile looked great. We all worked together to make it and shared the jobs.




Primary 3 -4 read The Twits by Roald Dahl as part of our Dahl week activities. We made a frieze of Mr and Mrs Twit which show the bit in the story where Mrs Twit heads towards the sky during a ‘stretching’ by Mr Twit! This was just one of the tricks played by Mr and Mrs Twit on each other in this very funny book. In another part of the story, Mrs Twit serves up some live worms in Mr Twit’s spaghetti! This inspired us to think up some equally disgusting recipes which included; Slug Stew, Spider Spaghetti, Fire Pizza and Very Fishy Fingers!


In Primary 5/6 we read the book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. In the book Charlie and the gang ride in a space capsule so we decided to create our own space capsules. They were fabulous, we had lots of fantastic ideas and lots of fun getting creative.

Roald Dahl Day in P7

Our book for this week was Danny the Champion of the World.  We read through it as a class, taking turn at reading the chapters until Callum brought in the audio CD.  It was nice to listen to the story read by Timothy West, he used lots of different voices for the characters and was very entertaining.

We had a chat about what kind of display we could do for the hall.  There were lots of ideas but in the end we decided to recreate the front cover.  We have lots of talented artists in the class who all took at turn at drawing Danny, his dad and a few pheasants.  We painted them and defined them using a black pen. 

We enjoyed this story very much, especially Mrs Brodie, who had never read this Roald Dahl book.

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