P7’s Skiing Lessons

12 pupils from P7 have been participating in skiing lessons at Firhill dry ski slope in Tillicoultry. After a first session in delighful sunshine, the second second was a bit of a contrast, with rain and hail! Both the beginners group and the group that have been skiing before have made good progress.

The 120m Dry Ski Slope In Beautiful Sunshine

“Skiing is awesome. It is my first time skiing and they teach you well. Now I can do the snowplough and use the button tow.” Stuart Oswald

Learning To Snow Plough

“They make learning to ski much more fun than you think it would be. I have already got further than I thought I would and there’s still 2 lessons to go.” Anna Warren

The Slope WIth Wind and Hail

” I have skiied since I was 4 years old. At the dry ski slope I have learned to lean forward more and how to use my poles. I need to keep my legs more apart when I am skiing.” Sam Quinn

Ready To Learn To Ski

” Tillicoulty has been a great help and so far its been a good experience. They’ve helped me with my pole planting and leaning more forward in my boots. I’ve been skiing since I was 3.” Mia Aitchison

“I have enjoyed skiing because it is an easy activity if you concentrate.” Euan Warttig



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