P7 Leavers’ Party

The P7’s will be celebrating their last week at Primary School with a Hawaiian Beach party and barbeque at Gartocharn on Wednesday 14 June from 6 – 8.30pm.

If you are a parent of a P7 pupil and were not able to attend the recent meeting to discuss the event, you should find all the details in an email in your inbox. At the meeting the tasks involved in organising the party were allocated amongst the parents, so please check to see what you are doing. If you haven’t received the email then contact shionamackay1@btinternet.com and ask for it be forwarded.

There is also a £10 contribution for the event. Please could you pass this to Elaine Lindsay or into the school office as soon as possible as it will be needed to purchase the food and other items. Thank you.

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