P1 Open Afternoon

Primary 1 had a very busy afternoon on Friday 4th October 2013. P1 had invited in guests to see their classroom and to spend an afternoon in school. Primary 1 had lots of good ideas about what they could do with their visitors. We wanted to show them all of their work that we’ve done in their jotters and on the walls. We wanted to show the dance moves that they’ve been doing and we also wanted to sing all our sounds songs. We wanted to make something with our visitors too.

We did manage to fit most of this in, starting with a dance performance in the hall and then moving down to the classroom where we managed to sing some of the sounds songs that we have been learning. Next it was time to get everyone working hard, making character faces out of paper plates. People had plenty of great ideas from the stories that we have read in class and at home. Some people used characters from our Story Sacks or other books and other people made up new characters of their own. Everyone was super at tidying up at the end of the afternoon.

We will put our wonderful character plates on display in school. We thought that our website visitors would also like to see our colourful creations so we have taken pictures to put on the website. Thank you to all our visitors for coming to share our afternoon. Hope you like all of our colourful characters.                       Lomond and Alfie with their characters Little Bear, Nemo, Farmer Alfie and Moo Moo                                   Ailie and Tarn with their characters Tiger T, Rosie, Mano and Hiss                       Finlay and Cody with their characters Crocky, Feather the Seagull, Sammy and Maxie                  Callum and Fyndlay with their characters Colin the Cow, Elvis the Dog, Crocky and Stripe                                   Katie and Charlotte with their characters Mitzi, Mary, Hansel and Gretel                                  Calum and Ben with their characters Batman, Jasper, Oscar and Bob   Emily and Heather with their characters Roald Dahl, Mrs Grinling, Leo and Alex The Princess.

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