Olympic Ceremony and Sports Day Contingency Planning

Kippen Olympics Sports Day                              

Given the poor forecast for the weekend and Monday, it is unlikely that the Sports Field will be suitable for our Sports Day on Monday 18th June, but we will keep our fingers crossed and see what Monday brings!

 If the sports field is too wet but the playground and multi court are dry on Monday, we will hold the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Sports Day in the school grounds on Monday morning at 9:30am, using the multi court and the top playground.

 If it is too wet outside we will have to postpone again and we will hold sports day on the first available dry slot in next week’s timetable (avoiding the football/netball tournament, P5 swimming etc!) and we will hold the Opening Ceremony on Mon, Tues and Wed at 2:30pm on each day that it is dry at that time, hopefully giving parents/carers the chance to come and spectate  on one of these occasions.

 We will send a text/use the website on Monday morning to confirm plans for that day.

Pupils should come to school on Monday wearing their team colours and trainers. If Sports Day is postponed then please wear sports clothes each day Monday – Thursday until we are successful!

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