Houses Got Talent

On Friday 11 February Ledi house hosted an event called Houses Got Talent. Pupils got the choice if they wanted to do an act in the show and they could compete in singles or groups and teachers voted on the winners.

The winners in the junior part of the school was tied between Lottie and Ailsa whistling and singing “Hey Pretty Martin” & Kelsi and Carrie dancing to “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The winners in the senior part of the school were Leighton and Sam singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber.

“ It was very scary, I think Ailsa was scared and giggly. I liked doing it, it felt really exciting,” said Lottie.

“I enjoyed watching the houses got talent, I really liked the comedy magic show it was funny,” said Alice H.

Thank you all for competing.

By Angus, Website reporter

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