Commonwealth Choir Rehearsals

Thanks very much to everyone wanting to take part in the Commonwealth Choir at the Baton Relay event on Sunday 6th July.
It looks like we could have 51 children singing so it should be a good event.
The Village Hall Committee have kindly said we can use the hall free of charge to rehearse during the week leading up to the Baton Relay, so I have arranged to go into the hall on Monday 30th June at 11am and Friday 4th July at 11am. If your children are able to come along to either or both of these that would be great.
You should all have a copy of the lyrics and the song mp3 to listen to before then, if not, let me know and I will get it to you.
Finally, the BBC have just broadcast a TV programme about choirs learning the Commonwealth song. I have attached the link to the clip below – just 4 mins long if you want to have a look….
Many thanks
Tel: 07968 912062

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