Author Visit Wednesday 23rd October

The Forgetful Elephant

All pupils will have the opportunity to hear from the author of the book  “The Forgetful Elephant” on Wednesday 23rd October.


My name is Irene Mackay, I live in Falkirk, Scotland and I would like to introduce you to my book “The Forgetful Elephant”. My Mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia 5 years ago and is now in a Care Home & in my job as a Home Support Worker I also care for people with dementia. Having first-hand experience of this terrible illness, I am very passionate about creating awareness about it & I feel that it is just as important to educate young children as it is adults and older children, hence the reason I have written this book. It explains dementia to young children in a way that they can relate to without making it too complicated for them to understand.

As well as dementia, there are many other illnesses which can result in memory loss and it can be difficult to explain to a child the changes in behaviour of a grandparent or even a parent. My book shows how even very young children can develop ways of maintaining relationships with relatives who are suffering from memory loss.

The story is about a little elephant called Ellie who is going to visit her Grandparents & she is a bit upset because the last time she saw her Grandpa he couldn’t remember her. Her mummy, Mrs Trunk, explains to her in a way that she can understand, the reason why Grandpa is forgetting things now. Ellie also finds ways to help her Grandpa to remember her & at the end of the story she sets off to visit him a much happier little elephant.

The Forgetful Elephant will be available for sale for £5 and bookmarks for £1 on Wednesday.  For every book sold a donation will be given to one of the dementia charities.

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