Arctic Live 2017


On 14th March a researcher called Dr Bianca Perren skyped the Primary 4, 5, 6 and 7. She was calling us from the Arctic, Svalbard. She is a paleoecologist which means she looks at how things have changed over the years. Because she was in the Arctic it was really cold. She told us that during the time she was there the coldest it got was -53 degrees Celsius and the warmest it was was around 1 degree Celsius.


One of the things I found really interesting was the way she got her food in Svalbard. She told us that a big ship brought it around twice a year. The sort of things that were delivered was stuff like meat, pasta and rice. She didn’t really get to eat any fresh fruit or vegetables.


Dr Perren also told us that a ¬†few summers ago, when she had a few students over, she was out on a boat with them and she spotted a polar bear. They realised that it wasn’t coming towards them, it was heading towards another student who wasn’t on the boat. She had to spend the whole day trying to keep the polar bear away from the students.


It was very interesting to get a chance to talk to her.


By Zara, Primary 6

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