P7 explores aspects of WWII

Primary 7 have begun their WWII topic and are very interested in the different aspects of the war.

After a very successful trip to Balfron High School’s Library, we started our personal projects.  Everyone has chosen a different area of the war to research such as, evacuation, rationing, concentration camps, machinery and many more.  This project will mirror some of the projects we will be asked to complete in the high school.  After the Easter holidays we will use our project work to help us create a presentation for our English class in S1.

 We have also started Carrie’s War as a class novel and are enjoying using a variety of films and video clips to help us with our research.

 Mrs. Brodie gave everyone a homework grid for the term, which has a number of literacy, numeracy, art and design activities to choose from.

 We look forward to welcoming parents and carers into our classroom on the open afternoon to have a look at all of our work at the end of the term.

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