P5/6 – Batiking


In art P5/6 have been doing something a bit different called Batiking.




For Batiking you need: a piece of fabric, some hot wax, a wax burner and Batiking tools. What you do is you fill the Batiking tools with the melted wax and use the tools to draw on the fabric with the wax. We were allowed to do whatever type of design we wanted to do for our first try.



When the wax had dried we painted our design, with silk paints. Afterwards we ironed the fabric between 2 sheets of paper. Its looks really effective when it is ironed because, where the wax was, it is completely white! Soon we are going to do a proper batik using our Georgia O’Keefe pictures.


By Caroline, Kherys and Caitlin (P5/6)

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