Balfron High School Headteacher Visits P7

Visitors from Balfron High School

Last month the P7s received a visit from Ms Bannatyne, the new Headteacher at Balfron High School. She was acompanied by 2 S5 pupils, Jack and Rebecca, who helped to answer P7’s questions. All the P7s received a glossy Balfron High School Handbook to take home.

“The Headteacher and the S5 pupils were very friendly and made us feel very comfortable about going to high school.” William Boyd

“It was really informative and I’m more confident about going up because I know more about it.” Gabrielle Johnston

“It was helpful because we got to ask any questions about things we were worried about and ask for information about clubs.” Keir Singleton

Visitors from Balfron High School

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