Jeans for Genes Day

We supported Jeans for Genes day on Friday 23rd September and raised £120.70

Thank you for  joining us in supporting this charity by wearing denim and making a donation.



We had a guest speaker at Assembly who talked about their experience of a genetic disorder. Thank you so much to Mr Ross Marshall for sharing his experience of achondroplasia, the genetic condition that he has. Mr Marshall was the first person with dwarfism in Britain to have a leg lengthening operation. His legs were made longer by 6 inches and he had to spend a long time in hospital. It was worth it though as after the operation he was not in as much pain. Before the operation it was painful to walk down the road to the shops.

                     Mr Marshall

Mr Marshall has been to many exciting places to compete in athletics competitions. He showed us his medals and the many newspaper articles that he has appeared in. He has also had a career in acting and appeared in Pantomimes.


The message that Mr Marshall gave us was that if you really want to do something then keep trying. Don’t let anything put you off. He had to raise sponsorship money to go and compete in the competitions. He broke his leg skydiving during a sponsorship jump so he thought his dreams of competing in the Dwarf Olympics were over, but he managed to still compete with his leg in plaster by changing sport to weightlifting.


A big thank you to Mr Marshall for coming in to speak in Assembly on Jeans for Genes Day.






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