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On Monday (2nd of February) we are having a bake sale to raise money for Yorkhill Childrens Hospital. Prices will be from 30p to £1. Please bring small change if you can. Please note that we will also have a dairy [more]
  On the 26th of January Primary  7 had their Burns Supper.  It had lots of [more]
Parent Council meeting - Thursday 19/2/15 at 6 pm Spring disco - Thursday 19/3/15 Safari supper - Saturday 28/3/15 [more]
The electricity in the school is now on. Pre-ordered lunches will be provided - other [more]
There have been a number of incidences of head lice within the school. If your [more]
A key priority for the Education Service is to develop the involvement of pupils (P4[more]
P1 Enrolment for session 2015-2016 will take place at Kippen Primary on: Monday 12th Jan 9:15[more]